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April 02, 2005


On wednesday night they have Boogamania. Booga-burgers is what they call the hamburgers there at tanners. Burgers are 2 X $6 or one for three-fity. It is a great deal. Like any bar that serves Mexicans, they will put tomato and lime juice in your beer upon request. While this may cause an immediate and unfavorable gut reaction in most of the beer faithful, it's just one of those things that works. Like tequila and grapefruit, like bourbon and peach, you just gotta take it on faith until you can try it yourself.
Funny thing about tanners, it's outta the way. totally out of the way. It is in wichita, kansas: population, 0.35 million. My grandfather has six sisters, five of them still with us, four of them live in wichita, three of them have raised their families there. It made sense that my darling sister was going to spend her spring break there, and it made sense to surprise her by doing the same.
My sister was very glad to see me, (and I her) my aunts were happy to spoil me, and wichita, Kansas is a lot like you'd expect. In fact, there was only one very nice surprise (though a lot of nice things) about wichita, and that was remembering how good an old favorite , like a prepared beer, like cheap burgers with the uncles can be.

Cerveza preparada

  • Clamato
  • Beer
  • lime
  • salt

In a salt rimmed pint glass, pour ~2.5 oz tomato juice, the juice of half a lime, and beer. Pour the beer from higher above the glass than is your custom, so that the beer and juice may mix well.


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