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December 03, 2004

On what love is

This isn't the sort of blog where I take internet quizzes and paste the HTML to let my readers know more about me, but i found one that was CREEPY accurate. I don't know how the script works, but i reloaded a few times and it gave me a couple of different answers. I will paste the code to my favorite one.

bloodsport is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

The same input (3 simple questions) also gave hosting is love, food is love and wine is love. How did it know?
Bloodsport will be a controversial one from my friends who THINK they love animals. Not for me though. I love the beasts of the earth more than you can imagine. I love them for all they can do for me, in life, in death and SOMEtimes, in the glorious transition between the two.
Though last weekend, it was in death that they helped me express my love for others in the other manners which the quiz suggests i am prone to doing. It was my birthday recently and taking advantage of all my friends who were in town for the holiday, I threw myself a little dinner party on saturday. The menu was simple. Tablewater crackers with sun-dried tomato spread, ritz crackers with sliced boiled eggs and an olive for Hors Doevures, Cream of asparagus soup, Mashed potatoes and the main course. Now, here is where it gets weird. Some of my friends are vegetarians, so I had to make some casserole crap to fill them up. They seemed to like it well enough. Now, ordinarily I don't approve of vegetarianism. If the Good Lord gave us the cunning and physiology to be at this level of the food chain, and if our society and economy are such that the corporeal luxuries are no longer fiscal luxuries, vegetarianism borders on blasphemous and unamerican! However, being a good host comes above all, so I obliged my dear guests. They were happily fed, all of them (except for Jared who got retarded drunk before the party even started). From this side of the serving table, food and hosting really are love.
But i haven't even told you about the Roast! The gentle bovine that gave his soul so that I may feed my loved ones was a fat and tender one. I marinated it in a sweet mustard pepper sauce, roasted it for a couple of hours, and sliced it thick.
As for the wine that was love, I found a good deal on century cellars cabarnet-sauvignon. It was herbaceous, and a little heavy on the sulfites, but all in all a good deal. I had the leftover wine for breakfast on my actual birthday. It went better with the roast.

Now, some tips on throwing an old fashioned, un-catered dinner party for 12 on a budget.
soup and potatoes can be made in advance with no ill effects to flavor and consistency. Roast meats can be prepared in advance and put in the oven before your guests arrive, Plan to be ready for guests an hour before you asked them to arrive. You will be glad you did. Plan for 90 minutes of cocktails before dinner, and plan for coffee and desert 90 minutes after the start of the meal e.g. Drinks at 6, dinner at 7:30, desert at 9. Also, it helps to have a beautiful hostess to help you greet and serve. It can be done alone, but then you will only enjoy the second half of the party because you will be so busy watering and feeding. I had no such companion, but fortunately, I had some very gracious guests, a bandleader and his blushing bride who took some of the load off. (If any of you gorgeous babies want to be my next hostess, I'm single ;-) six foot four and very well mannered. Other than that, I am all vice and deceit though)
As for preparing drinks at a party, well, see absolutely any other posts on this blog.

Cheers to love

UPDATE: The love generator is totally lame! It only works because there's some LJ account I have up there that I'd totally forgotten about.


At November 8, 2005 at 9:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vegetables are great, but the Heart Start Defibrillator is better (At saving your life, that is ;) ).


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