Five to nine

Have a drink.

November 18, 2004


Lowball is a generic term that refers to heavily alcoholic drinks with a small amount of juices, bitters or liqueurs of some sort. These are served in shallower, wider glasses in smaller portions than a highball, but still with plenty of ice. They are the good ol' boys of the drink world. They go great on hot summer evenings where a cocktail (to be discussed soon) would warm up much too quickly. Drinking a good lowball might be compared to receiving a good stern talking-to. The kind that lifts your spirits. You have a notion, you take a sip, you learn something new about your brandy or your whiskey, and then you take a moment and think about what you did.
Whiskey (of any sort) goes well with vermouth in a Manhattan on the rocks. Vodka or gin with a spoonful of Rose's sweet lime juice in a gimlet. Sweetened bourbon with some muddled mint sprigs for a julep.
The thing about lowballs is, they tend to be ordered by a more discerning, more demanding less pleasant kind of people. (People like me). The drink should be very good, but if you're unsure about your mix, err on the side of caution. Caution in this case means more Liquor. If you're still not sure, you can take the wind out of the sails of any criticism by garnishing them perfectly. A post on proper garnishment is forthcoming as soon as I can get digital pictures up here again.
Cheers to drinking well with the good ol' boys.


At December 1, 2004 at 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

chucky's got me drinkin whiskey on the rocks (i, however, require some water with that).

happy belated birthday from rosy!

At December 1, 2004 at 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ain't nothin' wrong with some water with your whiskey. it brings out the nose (provided you don't mix too much). if anyone ever put water into a macallan older than 12 i think i might punch them though. the one exception.

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