Five to nine

Have a drink.

November 17, 2004


I would like to introduce the first of a four part series on they types of mixed drinks with the kinds of mixed drinks that most people are introduced to drinking in a mix with.
Highballs are the soda-pop of the adult entertaining world (not to be confused with the adult entertainment world, which is vulgar, and shall never be mentioned on this log. except for right then). They are designed to make people comfortable with drinking, which in turn makes them comfortable with your party. They are relatively low in alcohol concentration and high in mixer content. The basic formula for highballs is as follows. An eight ounce glass, on the tall side, filled with Ice, 1.5oz of your selected liquor, or two ounces of a liquor-liqueur combination, and filled again to the top with your desired mix. or your guests desired mix. The ice cubes should be as big as possible to prevent diluting your drink too quickly. Don't skimp on the ice, it's not a trick to give people less drink, rather it's an essential part of the flavor of the drink as a whole. This fact becomes increasingly apparent as you get nearer the end of your drink. If there wasn't enough ice, there will be a boozy-syrupyness sticking to the back of your tongue in an unpleasant manner. If the ice was too small, it will melt over-quick and your diluted drink will become less delicious as you progress.
Popular highballs include the screwdriver, which we all know, the cape codder, often referred to as a vodka cranberry, cuba libre a.k.a. rum and coke, sex on the beach, which is delicious, girly , and delicious. it does in fact deserve a careful mention; .75oz peach schnapps, .75oz vodka, and OJ and cranberry juice to the top.
There are highballs which are drunk I am sure just because people like the nomenclature. Many of those have dirty sounding names like "Sloe comfortable screw against the wall" and as I said before, shall not be discussed in a modest blog.
It's as good a way as any to begin practicing amateur home bartending, but careful. The temptation will be to mix before you have the company of your friends to make sure you did it right. It's all well and good, none of us want to serve our guests a bad drink, just don't make a habit of it.

"You're always saying you're a slave to highballs"
"but I am, potentially"
-This side of paradise


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