Five to nine

Have a drink.

November 02, 2004

Cheers to Life, Liberty and security of Property

Tonight, at about 8pm central time (Cause the mountain and pacific time zones are all a lock right?) everyone in America will have occasion to drink. Either to celebrate, or to drown the sorrows. Cheers to four more years! Cheers to America doing better! Cheers to Hillary in 2008, Cheers to Arnold in 2008! Half of us will be celebrating, the other Half drinking to forget. Politics over pints is a classic of American (and really all civilized nations) life. Tonight, when half are happy and half are sad, I do not want to hear any whining. If I hear "I'm leaving the country cause some redneck won" or "The coward godless communists are in again, I'm going on the welfare" I will never again pour you a drink. Losing is no excuse to stop caring, and tonight half of you will. Lose that is. When the time comes to make the peace, I want the right side of the bar to look left, and the left side of the bar to look right, and all toast to four more years of working hard for what you believe. Because this is still America, and that will always be an option.
Cheers, because they are our countrymen once more.


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