Five to nine

Have a drink.

October 27, 2004

My peers drink beers.

Brother Klein threw a party at his place last Saturday, and since I had to go there straight after work, I decided to try a social experiment. I am not an antisocial person by nature, but like a good meringue emulsion in the kitchen, mix me too fast, and I will not do well. I do best in a large group of people I already know and a few I have yet to meet. This however was not an option at said party. I would hate to go to a party and feel uncomfortable, or worse yet, drink till I feel comfortable and then do something silly. Instead I opted for remaining in my bar-keeping uniform. Stand behind the bar and volunteer to mix guests a drink. I spend a lot of time there, I have a lot of booze there, with the added authority of the uniform I have created a very effective barrier between me and the strangers. I am a part host, and the same rules and expectations do not apply to me. It worked out wonderfully at keeping my anxiety levels down, I fit into a nice role where i was comfortable. That coupled with the fact that most guests wanted a beer from the fridge rather than a highball or cocktail from the bar kept the number of strangers i had to interact with to an absolute minimum. I have lived through 21 Halloweens and not until right before this one did I stop to ponder the advantages in real life of a good mask. If you're looking for a good Halloween costume that will actually give you powers, I recommend 8 feet of oak.


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