Five to nine

Have a drink.

October 22, 2004


  • 1.5 oz. vodka
  • grapefruit juice

Fill 8oz glass with ice, mix in vodka and grapefruit juice. You can give your glass a salt rim to make a Salty Dog
There is a slight bitterness that hides excellently the taste of your booze. This is a highball that goes down easier than most, as a result you always get a little more into you than you thought you might. Grapefruit also contains some fun chemicals knows as furanocoumarins, which prevents certain enzymes in your small intestine from properly breaking down certain chemicals. This makes your drink work harder, as a result you always get a little more out of it than you thought. With surprisingly little effort, you end up feeling happy, contented and warm on the inside.
Ichabod is a four month old greyhound pup who had a broken leg and was about to be put to death. Jason, an old friend of mine who is sweeter than a cask of spanish sherry, could not bear the thought, and rescued him. Jason is a gifted artist with a limited amount of living space. He needs to find a more suitable permanent home for this doggy. Greyhounds are an affectionate breed. No hint of bitterness. Active and sociable, adopting one of these dogs will give you a little more pleasure and satisfaction than you expected. If you live in the NYC area, and have room in your home for a long cool pup, leave me a message and I will express my gratitude by buying you a long cool drink.
Cheers Jason and Ichabod.


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