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October 18, 2004

Dear Moments

Omar at Iraq the model writes about an e-mail advertisement (not a spam, since it was personally written by the business owner) for a restaurant called the 'Coral Beach.' It is long winded, the grasp of english is shaky, but when money talks, it translates very well. The ad is aimed at foreigners doing business in Baghdad. It begins by expressing concern for the safety of potential patrons, it discourages those who do not feel completely safe from visiting. The restaurant has a delivery service to keep potentially discouraged patrons safe in their home. It operates between 6pm and 2am, after the prohibitive temperature of the desert has chilled a little. It seats 155, and you can reserve up to 75% of the seats for a private party for your "Event or dear moment." 25% of the seats will always be available to loyal patrons. Further rewarding your loyalty, after you visit three times, you are eligible for a membership card which gets you discounted prices, as well as priority seating. It is also "the only restaurant with special dancing  ground area with Bar for parties." I have never been, and already it is my second-favorite bar on earth.
Some things are not universal, and almost impossible to agree on. Sitting for dinner and drinks with people who are like you, or care about you is not one of them. You'd be surprised how well lamb and company feed the soul. Coral Beach uses this as a very good selling point.

Thought from the owner.

  Hopes and Inspiration for peace !

   Problems of life are not so acute , important thing is they are understood. As humans we must believe peace is not beyond reach, and we must know ,deprivation, sense of loss, these are things all of us experience in our own space .How we respond to the changes around and how it grinds us into becoming what we become, …it’s a choice yet unknown; . so let us not  lose hopes since its part of some one  nature,  let us all feel good . we try to be in safe yes ,and  believe the end of the day is never the end of the world .
The sun must rise tomorrow when there will be peace and love in the air among us.

Please Feel Good Now !

Gorgeous rhetoric with limited syntax and diction. I am unfit to respond or comment on the quote. It is not often I am at a loss for words. so i will just end with a drink that I believe is a good metaphor for this sentiment. This drink is attractive, it has a delicious 'virgin' alternative (no alcohol) which can be enjoyed by observant Muslims at your table, and the drink's name, like our clever capitalist, smacks of hope and optimism.

Tequila Sunrise

  • 1.5oz. Tequila (optional)
  • Orange juice
  • Grenadine

In a glass of ice, pour the tequila and the OJ, tilt the glass a little, and dribble the grenadine which will sink to the bottom and make your glass look like a glorious morning, packaged.


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