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October 01, 2004

Cheers to Sunshine and happy hours

When one is fortunate, like I am, and has only spectacular individuals as his friends, like I do, one can get very lonesome going lengths of time without seeing some of them, like I get.
But L.A. is an important city, and every once in a while, someone has business here or a reason to visit. This month it was Jared Sunshine.
Since there is no bars to be worked behind on a thursday morning, we decided to take the day for some outdoor shopping and touring of the Venice Beach boardwalk. The street from his house to Venice is Venice blvd. The boardwalk is kinda local-hippie/tourist oriented, but there's a few things you just can't get anywhere else at a better deal as an L.A. local. After the window shopping and before the finality of purchase, we decided to clear our heads with some afternoon Brews. Heads clear, we made plans to go about the unusually gloomy, overcast beach and hop a few bars. First there was the all impressive Hooters Santa Monica happy hour. At first Mr. Sunshine was slightly opposed to the cheesiness of a PG titty-bar, and I could understand. But they have al-fresco tables where you can smoke, happy hour beer and wing specials and on top of that the vidal sassoon academy right next door and all the shapely waitresses to look at, we could satisfy all our neanderthal cravings for about $12.50. It was hard to argue with that. While finishing our wings, we discussed the very first branching of Los Angeles landmark Barney's Beanery and since it was but a short walk away, we decided to finish out happy hour there. The new beanery is a long narrow style bar with mirrors and lots of t.v.'s.
LOTS. I would guess somewhere between 120 and 160, most of them small. They have a few vestiges of what made the original great. Some pool tables, some games, nothing like the West Hollywood flagship. But the menu is the same as is the impressive beer collection. Anything domestic on tap $11 for the pitcher.
There was a time when I took extended periods of Heavy drinking with Jared for granted. I could pick at his smart brain for hours, indulge in his hedonist humanism, argue forever. Taking things for granted is nice, because when sometime in the future you revisit the nice things you doggedly did once, you'll be reminded how good your life used to be and how much you have to look forward to appreciating that you take for granted today.
There's something peaceful about sitting in a train next to a window facing backwards. Looking back at all the things you just missed is hypnotic. Sometimes I wonder if all the bar seats in the dining car face that way.


At October 5, 2004 at 2:44 AM, Blogger citizen sunshine said...

to be fair, the venice boardwalk saloon we sojourned at deserves something of a shout-out. it's at the extreme northerly end of the strip, and looks to get minial foot-traffic, for venice. but they have a nice bar, well-appointed juicebox, excellent service, and (most importantly) a microbrew they make themselves: a fine, mild pale pale not unreminiscent of sierra nevada's offering, though a little less hopsy and a little more spicy.

and for the record: i love hooters. i just don't like their wings as much as what seems to be everyone else on the planet. if you want great wings, go to blondie's in new york between 79th and masterdam. that's a wing. oh baby, that's a wing.


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