Five to nine

Have a drink.

September 15, 2004

Cheers to Mexico, Love and...

Taking advantage of Spain's problems with Napoleon in 1808, Mexicans began to consolidate an outcry against Spanish rule. When the followers of an insurgent priest, Hidalgo, freed a whole prison (kinda like Bastille day), and apprehended native spaniards a revolution for independence had begun. He yelled a war cry, that is repeated every september 15th at midnight by jubilant Mexicans. September 15th is a National holiday in Mexico, and like all of those, there is universal dry law. No booze for sale. Anywhere.
About a hundred and eighty nine years later, to the date, I was remarking this to one of those most deadly-intoxicating of libations, a beautiful girl.
This became a double anniversary of mine, as it marked the very first time i started falling in love. I say started because, like revolutions, love-falling is a long process. Really, it's more like digging than falling.
Hidalgo, Allende, Aldama y Jiménez, the revolutionaries were betrayed and executed, decapitated and that marked the end of that chapter.
Love sometimes feels like it's over, and you were silly for giving it a try. It's not. You weren't.
The war was picked up in the south by Morelos and many others. They more clearly defined their goals and made much progress, but Morelos too was eventually executed,
After his death there was a lull in popular support and armed effort. In this period, a few especially brave men and movements stand out.
After the collaboration both political and military of two great generals, Guerrero and Iturbide, the tides begin to turn, and insurgents are kicking ass and consolidating. IT'S GREAT!
11 years after the first cry, we have Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos as a sovereign state.
As it turns out, like revolutions, the stock market, and sex, love is best right before it's over.
Unlike revolutions, when it's over you wish it wasn't. And you remember all the good stuff while you're wishing. Over and over.
And here, maybe a theory as to why God gifted man this thing, wine. Because He can sympathize most with not being able to forget. Some things you just can't forget. But if you pull up a stool, and tell me about 'em while I pour you a drink, maybe we can turn remembering into something different.

Viva Mexico!


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