Five to nine

Have a drink.

August 12, 2004

We're different and easy 'round here

From this side of the bar we're always learning. By now I can do two things well. Get you drunk, and figure you out. Get your people drunk and figure them out. Repeating patterns can be discerned by the nuanced barkeep, and acted upon next time they are expected with a little bit of preparation. Some patterns are more obvious and predictable than others, and therefore more easily prepared for. These most obvious and predictable patterns of behavior are called "stereotypes" by the unenlightened.

Once upon a time I was behind the bar of a private party with my favorite coworker ever. A pretty, smart, sexy Brit. Favorite for 2 good reasons, the first being obvious and the second being that it made my job a breeze. (Think about it, a nice looking girl with a sexy accent is gonna get 85% of the attention therefore about 75% of the demands made from the bar.)
The hosts were black, the neighborhood was the Bronx, and all of the guests were black. The music was excellent, the dancing was rhythmic, the drinks were flowing cause we did a good job. At the end of the night we were thanked profusely by this charming family with smiles, our wages, plus four dollars in tip between us. On the crazy cab ride home, this wilted flower was livid, having taken this as a personal insult. I brought to her attention the origin of the black community in America, and how this history has left a mark on socioeconomic relationships to this day. As a result, money is used by our different communities in different ways, and not always as a way to say thank you.
The next day, she thanked me for my insight in helping her learn that we left that party with no less gratitude than we've gotten even from our most generous hosts . Always nice to hear from someone older and wiser than myself. (Disclaimer I am younger than almost everyone and wiser than no one.)

I learned that black people love Alize, a sweet brandy concoction. Especially when mixed with vodka.

Alize lowball

3 oz. Alize
3 oz. Vodka

Stir in a glass with plenty of Ice.


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