Five to nine

Have a drink.

August 17, 2004

The thing about Manhattan's is, they're hard to make.

Hey, I like this kid, i can't believe you were going to shoot him. Can you mix drinks?...
...I'll have a Manhattan

Once I took a bartender test, and it involved standing in front of a still not to tipsy panel of judges. I was to try and seem charming and recall a random drink recipe all at once. This would determine wether or not I was qualified to serve booze in exchange for money.

I'll have a Manhattan.

My Luck, the drink was a manhattan. the first recipe I learned, thanks to one of my favorite stories, and my joke was good.
"yo know, the last time I made this drink it was at a halloween costume party. open bar for anyone in a costume. A guy comes up in nothing but apair of levis and orders one. I told him 'listen buddy, the bar is open for people with costumes, but if you dont put on shoes and a shirt, I can't give you service.' 'What are you talking about, I have the best costume in the joint; I'm a premature ejaculation.' 'Say WHAT?!' "yeah' he says, 'I just came in my pants"
and with that I handed them a perfect manhattan Straight up.
Why that's the best manhattan i've ever had!

It was a good drink, said the judges. Thank goodness because there was a lot riding on this, my first Manhattan.
You promised me the best manhattan I'd ever had. Where is your bartender?

All I had to do now was wait and hear I got the job
What have I done to desoive such a flat, flavorless Manhattan?

I got the job, and though it never got me indicted for murder, I did develop something of a habit of arriving late, but not once did I serve a flat, flavorless Manhattan. Everyone always forgave me. No one forgives a bad Manhattan.


2 oz. Whiskey (bourbon if you've got a sweet tooth, scotch if you want to make a Rob Roy)
1/2-3/4 oz vermouth
dash of angostura bitters

shake ingredients GINGERLY untill your drink is cold. Serve straight up if it's cold outside. On the rocks this makes an excellent summer sip. You can do it with sweet vermouth, dry vermouth or even half and half for a Perfect Manhattan, it all depends on what your friends like best. Garnish with a flag.
Note: a flag is made by spearing a maraschino cherry onto a slice of orange.



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