Five to nine

Have a drink.

August 22, 2004

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

S. Klein throws THE BEST parties. S. Klein went to Law School at Tulane. Her family loves her very much, and they're always invited to her parties. Her colleagues love her very much, and they always come to her parties. Smart, rich, sexy, important, young lawyers; Oh my!
S. Klein always throws parties with themes, e.g. party New Orleans style... She always mixes delicious punches that go right along with the theme (e.g. Hurricane and vodka, or rum.) She makes delicious Hors'devours right along those same lines. Just imagine, cayenne spiced chicken wings, bread pudding with bourbon sauce, a big plate of Louisiana shrimp. Just imagine!
But that's not it.
At some time, at just the right time, she'll find you and lose everyone else, and talk to you about exactly the right thing, like it matters the most, for the perfect amount of time. And then, before you leave, for some wonderful reason, she'll find you and do it again.
So, in the end, every guest will leave knowing for a fact that their beautiful young hostess was especially glad to see them in particular.
S. Klein throws the best parties!

UPDATE: Going to mass hungover is not the best. Not the best at all.


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