Five to nine

Have a drink.

July 31, 2004


it's a little flat and not very good. It leaves a bitter taste.

So after that, I avoided the beer at Dodger stadium. But I started going to all the games i could, because I was a new fan of baseball. I had grown up in a home with no appreciation for major league sports of any kind. (I was however taken to my first bullfight at the tender age of six. I loved it. I still do.) But after my buddies dragged me to a game, and I saw this big hoser trot onto the field like an expensive horse who's been overfed, and demolish the 9th inning in 7 pitches against the then world champion anaheim angels, I was hooked!

Who was that? What's a closer? What's a save? How many in a row!? That sounds like a lot. What's the old record?
And as i learned a little more, I started learning player names and habits. One of them caught my attention when at first base he leaped 2 feet into the air to get a guy out and preserve Odalis Peres' no hitter late in the 8th. A CATCHER no less.

One day my aunt Anita died, and as I drove home from her funeral, feeling emotionally pliable, I drove past a mixed by barkeep @ 2:41 AM


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