Five to nine

Have a drink.

July 13, 2004

Cheers to the bandleader and his blushing bride.

When the first of your high school comrades gets married, it's a big night for everyone, not just the bride and groom. After the ceremony, everyone is still in a sort of state of shock; it's official we have married friends. Thank God for the looming cocktail hour.
Drinks after the ceremony have two very important jobs to do for us young guests. First, we have to celebrate appropriately this new and exciting event. But also, as the shock wears off, we need something to replace the shock so we can accept the thought of our buddy's new station in life.
There's all kinds of weddings, and all kinds of ways to offer your guests drinks. The drinks say a lot about the people getting married, and these drinks said some lovely things about my friends at the head table. When you're a young couple planning a less elaborate wedding, it's important to budget the bar first. However, to receive your friends with a cash bar would be uncouth. Come the bounty of California to the rescue. Because of our crippling oversupply of quality grape, Trader Joe's is able to offer a case of wine (delicious wine? Yes! delicious wine.) for about the cost of an hours wages, keeping even your most lushty friends in pink elephants.
J.R. Stout is an accomplished young bandleader who made his 5 piece jazz outfit (minus their leader of course) and their unbelivable Jazz Singer the centerpiece at his wedding. Sauvignon and savoy mix together beautifully.


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